I’m currently (spring 2015) teaching a class in Digital Culture and Media.
Since ITU has moved the course websites to an internal platform (LearnIT), I can no longer link directly to the course website :(.

Previous courses (all taught in Danish)
Exporing Network Culture (Fall 2014)
Digital Rhetorics (Spring 2014)
Digital Media Culture (Spring 2013)
Digital Rhetorics (Fall 2012, co-teacher)

[maternity leave august 2011 – november 2012]

Digital Media Culture (Spring 2011)
Digital Rhetorics (Fall 2010)
Digital Media Culture (Spring 2010)
Digital Rhetorics (Fall 2009)
Digital Rhetorics (Fall 2008)
Digital Rhetorics (Spring 2008)
Digital Culture (Fall 2007)
Webdesign and Webcommunication (Spring 2006)
Communication on the Internet (Spring 2004)
Communication on theInternet (Fall 2003)
Virtual Worlds & Spaces (Spring 2002)
Virtual Worlds (Fall 2000)