Talking about web 2.0 (in Danish) on is, to my knowledge, a unique endeavour, initiated by my longtime colleague and friend Ida Engholm. The site, now hosted at the Danish Museum for Art and Design, is still under development and is meant to function as a continous online museum documenting the webdesign (and content genre) history of the www.  Currently in Danish only, but meant to exist in an English version too. It already holds a lot of both international and Danish websites, dating back to the early 1990’s.  Just like an offline museum, is also meant to host regular curated special exhibitions. The first exhibition (in Danish) is already online, titled “From Alpha to Beta” it presents select turnings points in the history of the development of the www, through the use of “expert interviews” and screenshots. I’m one of the people talking about web 2.0 – you can find my and the other web 2.0 videos on this page/”room” in the museum.