Some of my 2008 publications

While I might not be blogging a lot, Im still writing academic articles. This year looks like it will be a good year publication-wise, not the least because a lot of the articles that I wrote in 2007, is published this year:

One of the articles, Im most happy about because of the process that proceeded it (joint writers workshop, editorial care) is the article What makes World of Warcraft a World? – a note on death and dying, which is part of a MIT Press anthology, edited by Hilde Corneliussen and Jill Walker Rhettberg, and right now hitting the virtual bookshelves. On the webpage dedicated to the book, you can get an overview of the content of the book, and even a free sample chapter, the introduction by the editors.

Another article, Im looking forward to seeing in (online) print, is my article on Mobile Storytelling: Telling & Sharing. Mobile Storytelling and The Future of Narratives. It was originally presented as a paper at the Digital Arts and Cultures conference in Perth, September 2007, but has been slightly edited for publication in the Leonardo Electronic Almanak (also a MIT Press publication). It is not out yet, but should be soonish….

Also, Im wondering, if this might be the year in which an article that I completed in 2005-2006 on EverQuest as a 21st Century Fiction will finally be published as part of the anthology The EverQuest Reader– published by Wallflower Press and edited by Eric Hayot and Edward Wesp. Wallflower Press has been advertising the soon-to-be-published-date of the book for a long time on their webpage, current release month cf their page is March 2008…..

Recently, I have also rewritten a more popular article about researcher blogging: Forsker og blogger:webbloggen som forsknings- og fællesskabsværktøj, to be published in the Danish magazine Humaniora (published by the Danish Ministerial Researcb Board for Culture and Communication) in relation to a theme day on Research Communication May 9th.

I still need to put the final touches on a short article about the Danish interactive media producer/art group Oncotype and their forms of interactive storytelling, for a nice little book they are putting together about their work, a book that will hopefully also be out this year.

Very recently, long-time colleague Ida Engholm and I just submitted an article for NordiCHI 2008, presenting a new model for website analysis. We dont know yet, if it is accepted, but we have high hopes!

Right now (as in later today, with some luck), Im about to start work on an article about the use of social media in the 2007 Danish Election Campaign, a follow-up to the presentation I did at the Politics: Web 2.0 conference. The article with the ad-hoc title Social Media Politics as Strategic Communication? The Use and Effect of Social Media in the 2007 Danish Parliament Election Campaign is to be submitted to the Journal of Information Technology and Politics in Mid-May.

And finally, let’s not forget the International Handbook of Internet Research that Im editing with colleagues Jeremy Hunsinger and Matt Allen and for which I also need to write an article myself. We still hope to have the book out by end of the year…!

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jeremyApril 29th, 2008 at 3:50 pm

oh you mean we need to get it out the door by june 1 then… yes. cause we do:)

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