I do research on a variety of topics, mainly focusing on digital cultures, online communication and user-generated content, with a particular interest in local and mundane social media uses. With my colleague Susana Tosca I also do studies of and theory on transmedial worlds.

I belong to The Culture and Communication Research Group (aka C2 or Csquared) at the IT University.  I’m also active in the International Death Online Research Network.

Currently I’m involved in the following research activities

      • writing an introductory book on Social Network Sites in Danish – including reading up on and presenting an overview of current research in the field.
      • heading a research initiative at ITU related to the use of social media during the 2015 Danish parliamentary election campaign – this as part of our larger strategic research initiatve DECIDIS (Democracy and Citizenship in Digital Society).  I have previously carried out studies of the use of social media during the 2005, 2007 and 2011 elections, and now also want to research the historical development of the use of social media in Denmark during election campaigns.
      • studying comment patterns and content on large “banal global memes” with more than 30.000 likes, comments or shares. Which kind of content seem to attract users across the globe, and how do they in general respond to this content? Currently focusing on one Facebook photo which has gotten around 128.000 comments – so research also including working with ways to analyse such a large number of comments in the most fruitful way.
      •  starting up a research project related to Danes’ use of social media (more to follow…)


Earlier projects

Note that from August 2011 to November 2012, I did not do any research as I was away on maternity leave.

The use of the internet and social media in the 2011 parliamentary elections in Denmark (2011-2013)
A study of internet and social media use during the 2011 election campaigns together with Sander Schwartz, Jakob Linaa Jensen, Jens Hoff, Niels Brügger and not the least our private partner Danske Medier which distributed a large survey and gave us access to tracking data. Results are published here: Internettet og folketingsvalget 2011.

User-driven innovation of a Mobile Phone Portal for Social Networks for Danes aged 13-24 (2008-2009)
An externally funded, one-year project (2008-2009), carried out in co-operation with DR (the Danish Public Service Broadcasting Company), Telia (teleservice provider) and Unwire (mobile service tech provider). See more on

The PolCoNor seed network – studying Political Communication and Culture in the Nordic Countries (2007-2008)
I’m the project manager of a small seed network, funded by Nordforsk, focusing on establishing a broader research network of researchers studying the development of Political Communication and Culture Online in the Nordic Countries. We hope to apply for full Nordforsk funding in 2009. As part of my work in this area, I have done a lot of empirical research on the use of blogs and web 2.0 websites during the Danish elections 2007, both on my own, and in cooperation with FDIM (the Association of Danish Online Media) and Danish researchers Jens Hoff and Jakob Linaa Jensen.