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Jeppe Jensen, our wonderful research assistant in the Mobity project (an inter-institutional project focusing on the development of a mobile platform for social network access), has made a very nice graph describing the growth of Danish Facebook profiles within the last year, after I drew his attention to the fact, that more than 1 million Danes (according to FB themselves) have created a Facebook profile.  The graph is posted in a nice little blogpost he has just posted to the Mobity website (in Danish) and you can see that the number of users just go up-up, and still seem to be doing it!- We are also doing a survey of young Facebook users social network habits, which is also linked in the post – if you know any Danes between 18-24, we’d really appreciate you pointing them in the direction of it (the survey)!

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Lars K JensenOctober 6th, 2008 at 1:48 am

The way I read the numbers, they don’t say that more that one million Danes have created a profile, but that there are more than one million profiles (created by an unknown number of Danes) specified to be Danish.

But I might be wrong..?

// Lars

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