My 2010 publications (out and upcoming)

Publicationwise, 2010 is turning out to be a really good year, where Im harvesting the fruit of, in some cases, several years of work.

 First and foremost, I’m happy to announce that our reader The International Handbook of Internet Research (eds. Hunsinger, Klastrup and Allen) is finally out and can be bought via the publisher Springer’s website (plus on Amazon and other places). The book contains more than 30 articles by researchers from the US, Australia and Europe, showcasing a multitude of perspective on internet studies. I have uploaded the table of contents of the book here for inspiration.  Apart from co-editing the book, I have also contributed with a chapter of my own: “Understanding Online (Game) worlds”.   

I’m also proud to have a chapter in another anthology, which is the result of a very interesting seminar on multimodality that I attended last year. The anthology is titled  Skrift/Bilde/Lyd, it is edited by my versatile Norwegian colleague Martin Engebretsen and contains a number of articles on how to analyse multimodal texts, not the least digital texts. My article is titled: “Når handlingsrummet bliver en modalitet: om spilæstetisk analyse af websites”. You can get the book via the publisher’s (Høyskoleforlaget) homepage. If you are student or researcher and want to take a look at my article, send me a mail and I’ll be happy to send you a final draft version of it.

With my colleague, Ida Engholm,  I have published an extended paper, expanding the paper “Websites as Artefacts : A New Model for Website Analysis” which we presented at the New Media and Interactivity Conference in Istanbul earlier this year. You can find the extended version of the paper here. In the paper, we present what we believe is an operational model for the analysis of both “web 1.0” and “web 2.0” websites. It includes an analysis of Issey Miyake’s website and a Facebook profile.

I have also published a small article in the journal Language at Work, where I discuss how to use social media for professional (research) communication. It is titled “Professionally Social: Using Social Media for Professional (Research) Communication” and can be downloaded from the journal’s website.

Locally, the Danish website Designværkstedet (a portal for Danish teachers) has published a small article presenting some of my thoughts on statusupdates on Facebook as a new form of storytelling:  Sociale fortællinger – statusopdateringers funktion på sociale netværkssites.
In the pipeline  is an article for anthology on Lord of the Rings Online, written with Susana Tosca, about Lord of the Rings as a transmedial worlds. I’m currently also working on an expanded version on my IAMCR paper on Facebook groups as “affective audiences” (see this blogpost) to be published as article in international journal plus preparing a paper on classicual music culture on YouTube.  And I am still trying to find time to work on my book on a narratology for social media.