Research now as “christmas story” on + a little extra info

In the beginning of this year, Susana Tosca and I had an article published in the journal Virtual Worlds Research, presenting the results of small research project on the importance of fashion and clothing in World of Warcraft. ” ‘Because it just looks cool’ – Fashion as Character Performance: The Case of WoW.
Our results as well as an interview with me about the project has now been turned into a christmas-themed article on the Danish website ( which brings select stories about interesting research findings and research projects at Danish universities. The article is titled Nissehuer på mode i WoW (Christmas hats high fashion in WoW).

Those of you who come here after following the link from the article might find it interesting to take a look at Gizmopolitan, the World of Warcraft version of Cosmopolitan. It’s all about fashion (and not linked to from The Wow Fashion Guru blog is another fun site to check out (and they even write about our research too after the journalist at alerted them to the article).

And if you are wondering if we are doing more research in this area, I can reveal that Tosca and I have since done a study of Lord of the Rings Online massive multiplayer game, examining the importance of the aesthetics and story of Lord of the Rings on the experience and engagement with this particular gameworld.  It has nothing to do with fashion, but like the fashion project this study also looks more closely at some of the aesthetic and cultural elements (beyond those of the game and game mechanics) that attract people to online worlds. This paper has been presented at the DIGRA 2009 conference and will also be included in a forthcoming anthology.  The DIGRA paper: “MMOGs and the Ecology of Fiction: Understanding LOTRO as Transmedial World” is available here.