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Thanks to all those in the Klastrup family who have contacted me with information about various family members. If you wonder, I do still (as of february 2007) update this homepage, but since I dont get that much new information about the family anymore, it happens with irregular intervals. Please write me, if you want something added or if you want to get hold of an email in order to get in touch with a lost cousin! I don't have the contact information for everybody listed her, but feel free to inquire :)

February 4th, 2007:
The only sibling left of the "old" Klastrup-generation, Bente Ross, died yesterday in hospital, after having had an ailing health for a long time.
We will remember her as the independant, humorous and kind person she was to the very last.

August 20th, 2006:
The only sibling left of the "old" Klastrup-generation, Bente Ross, has just this week moved into an old people's home in Hillerød.
Webpage has been updated with information about Lotte and Gitte Klastrup, and I therefore think the information on the page is now complete!


I know some people visit this site, because they are looking for information about one or more Klastrup familiy members.
According to The Danish Statistics' Name check function, in 2006 there are 35 people in Denmark with the name Klastrup.

Below follows a brief genealogy of my family - perhaps you can find the name, you are looking for here.

The family tree:

The host of this site is Lisbeth Klastrup (1970- ).
I am the youngest daughter of Niels Olaf "Ole" Klastrup (1924-1994) and Else Holm Klastrup (1924-2002). Ole and Else Klastrup first gave birth to my siblings Ingeborg (1949-), Signe (1951-), Jens (1954-) and Jytte Klastrup (1955-). Like me, they have all kept the Klastrup-name.
- Ingeborg lives in Valby.
- Signe is living with Søren (her partner of the last 30 years) in Valby.
- Jens Klastrup is married to Annette Sarens Taasti and they have 2 children: Signe-Marie Sarens Taasti Klastrup (born 1993) and Sigurd Kristoffer Sarens Taasti Klastrup (born 1997). They live in Odense.
Jytte Klastrup is married to Ole Hauberg and they have 3 children: Thor Hauberg (born 1984), Emil Hauberg (born 1988) and Anna Hauberg (born 1992). They live near Ringsted.
- Lisbeth lives on Østerbro in Copenhagen.

My father had several brothers and a sister: Knud Klastrup, Benny Klastrup, Mogens Klastrup, Bente Klastrup (now Bente Ross) and Finn Klastrup.Most of them have also had children and grandchildren. Below you can find what info I currently have about them.

Knud Klastrup (1915-1977) married Henriette Klastrup (1924-2000) and had 2 children: Lene (1946-) og Søren (1952-).
- Lene married Dutch Engineer Hans Deul, and they now live in Houston, Texas. They have 3 children: Cristina who lives in Esbjerg (born 1971); Maria who lives in Houston (born 1975) and Delia who lives in Houston, and is adopted from Guatemala (born 1986).
- Søren is married to Dorthe Bodenhoff, they live in Skanderborg and have one son, Kasper Bodenhoff Klastrup (born 1976).

Benny Klastrup (1916-1987) married Ragnhild and had 4 children: Ellen Katrine, Jørgen Kristian, Niels Ole (1948-2002), Anne Marie (1950-2004).
- Ellen Katrine has two children: Poul Torp and Marianne Torp and is now married to Erik A. Løvgreen. She lives on Langeland. Poul lives close to Randers and Marianne lives in Randers.
- Jørgen Kristian lives somewhere in the Copenhagen area.
- Niels Ole with (the other) Lisbeth Klastrup had 3 children: Kim Kaare Klastrup,Tim Thore Klastrup and Per Rune Klastrup. Lisbeth and the youngest children live on Samsø. Niels Ole remarried before his death.
- Anne Marie lived in Randers and took the name Schnell after marriage.

Mogens Klastrup (1918-2004) married Emmy (Sørensen) (1923 - ) and they had four children: Kiss ( 1944- ), Kjeld (1946 -), Kim (1954 -) and Kresten (1961-).
- Kiss married Hardy Kleinert and today live outside Flensburg in Germany. They have one son: Kim-Oliver Kleinert (1976 -).
- Kjeld married Jette (Hansen) and they live in Esbjerg. Their have two children: Anja Louise Klastrup (1971-) and Anders Klastrup (1976-). Anja is now married Anja Louise Klastrup Bork and with Paul Bork has two children. Carl Christian Klastrup Bork (2002- ) and Marie Klastrup Bork (2004- ). They live in Snoghøj. Anders Klastrup married with Lisbeth Øster Hansen summer 2006. They have one son, Robert Øster Klastrup (2003- )
. They live in Esbjerg.
- Kim (the owner of Klastrup.com on the internet) married Søs Kjeldsen and they have two sons: Victor ( 1983-) and Felix (1985-). They all live in Aarhus.
- Kresten has changed name to Kristian and travels around the world.

Bente Klastrup (1922-2007) married Ab Ross, a Dutch pilot. Ab died rather early of a stroke. They had no children. Bente spent some years in The Netherlands, but lived the last many of her years in Hillerød.

Finn Klastrup (1928 - 2003) married Ida and they have 2 children: Lotte (1959 - ) and Gitte.
- Lotte married Alf Newlin and today live in New Vernon, New Jersey. They have two children: Niels Kresten Newlin (1996-) and Sophie Sims Newlin (2000-). Lotte is a librarian and Alf works as a software designer.
- Gitte married Emmanuel Widmer and today live in Geneve, Schwitzerland. They have three children: Amanda (1997-), Frederik (2002-) and Lars (2002-). Both Gitte and Emmanual work as nurses.

My family are still in contact with Mogens and Finn's family. Recently, via this homepage, I have also made contact with part of Benny's and Knud's family: with Lene, Christina, Poul Torp and Lisbeth Klastrup. And with Kjelds family through Anders :).
- I hope we manage to stay in touch this way!

- Lisbeth

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