Alive and listening to Global Voices

After the election (campaign) intensity, I have been more or less ill and not up to my best for several weeks, so that I now seem to be caught in a hurricane of deadlines and obligations, which sometimes make me feel that what time I have available in relation to the work I need to do, is a bit like a small puddle of water in the Sahara desert. But hopefully things will change for the better, since this week also marks the end of teaching this term – which gives me more time for research – and blogging!

Right now Im sitting at yet another exiting event hosted at ITU, and organised by DONA and Update: Solana Larsen is giving a lecture about her experiences as a “global editor” of the website. How do you organise and work with more than 100 bloggers distributed all over those parts of the world, news from which rarely makes it to the big media corporations or A-list blogs? Someone other than me will surely be blogging about it, so please check back for a link to their blogs. Solana has also been involved in

Update: Kim blogged, Rene blogged and Kenneth blogged about what Solana said, including also notes from the interview with GV’s Middleeast Editor, that Solana “channeled” to us via Skype. Quite cool.

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