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For a while I’ve been considering somehow integrating my del.icio.us feed on this blog, since most of my URLfiltering and bookmarking takes place over there now. In fact, Im quite sure, del.icio.us is somewhat to blame for the steady decline in my blogging (and surely, I cant be the only one feeling like this?!). However, I dont like the habit of making direct blogposts out of del.icio.us links, because it somehow takes the writing out of the blogging, if you know what I mean… So instead I’ve now added a widget which presents my last 5 del.icio.us bookmarks in the right hand menu. If you dont find anything new on the blog itself, try looking there. I tag something on del.icio.us almost daily.

PS. Talking about social network site habits: what’s going on with the Plaxo Pulse thing? Seems like all the early adopters are going gallovating over there these days??

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Bill BrydonApril 8th, 2008 at 12:57 pm

You can import del.icio.us and blog feeds into your fb personal account or a page. Some academic journals now link to del.icio.us sot the decline of blogs for that content will probably continue.

The centre for globalization and cultural studies at U Manitoba has a page you may be interested in.

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