The World of Warcraft Reader soars to success ;)

Via the blog of one of the editors of the anthology Digital Culture, Play and Identity: A World of Warcraft Reader, to which I have contributed with a chapter, I was made aware of the fact that our anthology is right now doing quite well sales-wise! Today it’s #6,780 in Books (most sold) and #2 in the “Entertainment>Puzzles &Games>Reference” category on That’s quite good for an academic book, isn’t it?

I finally received a copy myself last week, and I must completely subjectively and smugly admit, that as print and bound object, both in terms of layout and content (a lot of very clever colleagues have contributed) , it does look rather nice…

Talking about academic books on games, I’d like to use this opportunity to note that three current and former ITU colleagues of mine, Jonas Heide-Smith, Susana Tosca and Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen have also recently premiered with a book (monograph) on games Understanding Videogames, published by Routledge. I know they have put a lot of work into writing a general and thorough introduction to understanding what video games are and how you can analyse them. Judging from my students responses (they are all referring to it already), sales of that is also going well! Congrats to the authors 🙂

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