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This is the research diary of researcher Lisbeth Klastrup, since february 2001 sharing her thoughts on life, universe, persistent online worlds, games, interactive stories and internet oddities with you on the www.

I am currently on leave from the IT University of Copenhagen, and from aug. 2006 - aug. 2007 working as Associate Research Professor at the Center for Design Research Copenhagen, an independant center situated at the School of Architecture. During this year, I will be working on a book about the development of aesthetics, design and interaction on the WWW, together with colleague Ida Engholm.

My blog often reflects how busy I am in general, so posting may be pretty irregular, as well as my potential response to comments. But I read them!

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Academic Papers on blogs
Quite a few from the recent Internet Research Conference (Toronto, October 2003)
Thomas Burg: MonsterMedia - Monster disguised as New Media (weblogs)
Clancy Ratliff: Sites of Resistance: Weblogs and Creative Commons Licenses
David Park: Bloggers and Warbloggers as Public Intellectuals: Charting the Authoritative Space of the Weblog
Gary Thompson: Visual factors in constructing authenticity in weblogs
Taso Lagos: Parallel Society: Weblogs, Micromedia, and the Fragmentation of the Public Sphere
[access to these papers requires that you are a registrered member of A.o.I.R., go to and log in, find the papers in the menu under archives Internet 4.0]

Another article by Gary Thomson: Weblogs, warblogs, the public sphere, and bubbles

The writer behind Sum of My Parts (Swedish blogger/student doing research on linguistiscs in blogs) has published a few pieces, including:
The Function of Language to Facilitate and Maintain Social Networks in Research Weblogs

Jill and Torill's 'classic' article:
Blogging Thoughts

And Ulla of >U>Post has completed and handed in her master's thesis on blogs. Congratulations, Ulla! Skriften paa Bloggen (The Writing on the Blog - In Danish).

Much quoted:
Joichi Ito: Emergent Democracy

Plus of course, all the papers/or presentations from Blogtalk 1.0

Update 22.3.04. Also check out this little collection of weblog research and Thomas Burg's Weblog Paper wiki, where these articles should be listed soon..., currently there are several German language papers there.

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