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This is the research diary of researcher Lisbeth Klastrup, since february 2001 sharing her thoughts on life, universe, persistent online worlds, games, interactive stories and internet oddities with you on the www.

I am currently on leave from the IT University of Copenhagen, and from aug. 2006 - aug. 2007 working as Associate Research Professor at the Center for Design Research Copenhagen, an independant center situated at the School of Architecture. During this year, I will be working on a book about the development of aesthetics, design and interaction on the WWW, together with colleague Ida Engholm.

My blog often reflects how busy I am in general, so posting may be pretty irregular, as well as my potential response to comments. But I read them!

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The future consumer wants universes
Henrik Dahl, wellknown Danish sociologist and consumer researcher, gave a talk at ITU this afternoon on what the consumer of the future will look like.

A major point in his talk was that in lieu of the lack of "tradition, ritual and national state" (the demise of which is a result of the networked society cf. Castells), people are now looking for identity as the primary 'feature' of consumer products. Modern day people are "glass people" - fragile and sensitive and searching for a meaning with life and an interesting identity profile. "Patina" (as that gained from experience) is no longer hot, rather a constant smooth appearance (brought about by mobility and change of workplace etc) is in.

What creates identity is not the functionality, nor the status of the objects but the identity they may provide you with. The identity creating factors today are "language, religion and consolation (comfort shopping)" - and here is the interesting point for me: "language" for him included "universes" and in general the "discourses" surrounding - in this case - consumer products. This supports my thesis: that the next big thing in production of interactive entertainment and brand products online will not be not be interactive narrative, but convincing and complete universes around which a shared discourse can be established. This is not just "virtual communities", but also universes that make sense for just one person. I think this is also indirectly why online gameworlds are all the buzz. This perspective can be twisted, both for research and commercial perspectives. I think it will be one of my major focus points in the year to come.

Here is a link to a power-presentation by Dahl on the future of the library with some of the same points.

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